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Final plans are being made for our cookout on April 28 from 6-10 CDST. Hamburgers, chips, soft drinks and water will be provided. Bring any other beverages you may like and your lawn chairs. Live music will be provided by Dry Creek, a local band whose members are all MHS alumni. See We are not charging for any portion of the reunion this year, but any and all donations are welcome.

Please help us spread the word to those who are not on FB. Local media will be carrying details also. Those not on FB can email or with any questions.

Dry Creek is a band comprised of some of the finest musicians/artisans from the Jackson County, Florida area.  The group is aptly named after a spring-fed tributary of the Chipola River that has remained largely untouched and unspoiled by development.  Like its riverine namesake, the band’s music has remained true to its roots in the Sand Hills region of the Florida Panhandle. Like the people of the Sand Hills area, Dry Creek has not been quick to embrace the flashy, come-and-go popular styles made fashionable by media and urbanites from large metropolitan areas.  Dry Creek has always been about the music the members learned as children, refined as youths and created as adults.  The band has defined its own style.  Call it Sand Hills music if you like; it is a melting pot of Appalachian Bluegrass, Memphis Blues, Golden-aged Country, Texas swing, Classic Folk music and Old-time Rock and Roll.

The Band’s official history spans almost 30 years from the day they mounted the stage at the 1980 Sand Hill's Bluegrass Festival in Marianna, Florida. However, like so many popular groups throughout history, the original members of the band grew up together, picking music in barns, at bonfires and even sneaking into a tavern or two at a very young age just to play their own music for an appreciative crowd.  If there was no crowd, there was no problem; they’d just try to draw one. If not, they’d play for each other, playing in one sense for their favorite audience and in another sense for a group of their toughest critics.

It is this brotherhood of sound working together, each member contributing his own individual musical “spice” to the Dry Creek stewpot that defines the band’s style.  Over the years that sound has been aged and refined to a level of quality that has kept Dry Creek in front of audiences young and old alike over these past 3 decades and has led the band into the commercial recording studio.  A consistently booked calendar and mounting CD sales reflect the popularity of the group’s work.

Step inside this official site to learn about the individual band members and more about the greater whole known as Dry Creek.




  Book Dry Creek Meet The Band Dry Creek Store Scrap Book Past Gigs Song List

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